Sounds of a 90’s Baby Part 3

I BLAME THE HOLIDAY! Got me all distracted and stuff, forgetting about what’s important: Blogging!

Here is the third installment of “Sounds of a 90’s baby”

Warning: Lots of Kpop this time around


10. Only Learned Bad Things- B1A4


This song has a beat similar to Jay-Z’s Empire state of mind. I watched the video and immediately tried learning the dance moves. Its not crazy up beat, the singing isn’t spectacular but it is a great song and I love it.


9. Nah Let Go- Gyptian


A very slow song but a song I just cant get out of my head. If your in an energetic mood it makes you want to stand up and sway your hips.If you feel like chilling it makes you want to nod your head. My Reggae song of the year!


8. Computer Love- Hamilton park

Hamilton Park - We Do It For The Sheets cover

Hamilton has really made a name for themselves. At least amongst me and my friends. Heck I left Mindless Behavior for these dudes. This song is a great example as to why.


7. Easy Mind- TVXQ


An Up beat song that I just makes me smile every time I hear it. Anyone who knows the group probably knows that this song isn’t a song we usually hear from them, but its great none the less.


6. My Love is Like.. Woah! –Mya


This girl is something else. Oh I miss the days when she ruled the air. Mya is one of those people I aspire to be, beautiful, talented, and proud enough to realize it. Whenever I hear this song I always feel like I am “that chick”, and no one can deny it.


Well sorry to anyone who actually anticipates these, you had to wait a long time. I promise it wont be that long next time. I’ll probably have something posted by the end of tomorrow. See you tomorrow; hopefully.


Sounds of a 90’s Baby Part 2

Here is my second list of MY favorite hits of all time. Now we begin again…

15.  Mac Miller- Outside


I don’t know what it is about Mac Miller or this song but whatever it is… he better keep it up!


14. Clazziquai- She is


This song is just incredible, I just got into this group a couple of months ago, very talented people.


13. DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince-Parents Just Don’t Understand


Funny as I don’t know what and so undeniably true sometimes, we teens are something else. Its incredibly to see how much Will has changed.


12. Sean Garrett Ft. Nicki Minaj – Get It All


Nicki be killing it and Mr. Garrett ain’t too bad either. Love this song.


11. Missy Elliot- Gossip Folk


Missy Elliot has and always will be one of the best females or males in the game. This was the first song I had ever heard by her. Loved it then, love it now.


I’ll see you next time. Hope you enjoyed it.

Sounds From a 90’S Baby

I was born in the 1990’s so I grew up with computers mp3 players and cd’s. Music was unavoidable and although I am no musician and cant hold a note to save my life. I LOVE MUSIC! Simple as that. Yet for someone who loves music my choices in music have always been seen as weird from my fellow 90’s babies. Well I’m through. Today I am counting down my top 20 favorite songs of all time who knows this may become an annual thing for me. Now I warn you, these songs do follow a trend, not songs from a certain time, not songs of a certain genre but a trend none the less.  I will only be posting 5 at a time for the next 4 days. Before you read this I warn, do not bash my opinion, why, because its my opinion. Thank you. Lets begin.

20. L’Trimm- Cars That go Boom

L'trimm - Groovy91

Possibly one of the dumbest songs ever but it is so catchy, and I feel I can relate. (If you know what I’m saying.)

19. K. Michelle- How Many Times

K. Michelle is an incredibly talented singer and this song, made me absolutely fall in love with her. Not to mention the video was hilarious.

18.  Heavy D.- Black Coffee


Honestly I could fill most of this list with songs by Heavy D., but that just ain’t fair. I chose Black Coffee because it is just an great song. (Although I myself am a light skinned sister.) Heavy D. was something else. RIP.

17. Adele- Someone Like you


Adele is and extremely talented artist and although I don’t listen to her often whenever I hear this song on the radio I turn it up and sing along. Great things are in store for her.

16. GD&TOP- Baby Goodnight


To: All my kpopers

You ever had an experience where you were singing along to a song and you don’t know what your saying. I have that feeling every time I hear this song. Its cool, its relaxing and G-Dragon and TOP are very talented artist.

There you have it, the first five of my top 20 songs of all time, comment as much as you would like but remember. All bashers will be bashed.