Shim Changmin had been sitting in the same seat, the same position, with the same cup of water, for 3 hours. Jung Yunho had been watching from the same couch, in the same spot, with the same frightened glare for 3 hours.  Changmin hadn’t said a thing since filming ended and ignored all of Yunho’s attempts of trying to communicate with him. When he had returned home, all he had done was grab a glass of water and sit down in his spot at the kitchen table. Yunho the ever cautious leader, especially when it came to an angry maknae, decided to take shelter on the couch just in case the tall 24 year old did lash out. That is how they had ended up where they were, Min at the table shooting telepathic lasers at his water (Yunho swore he had seen bubbles once or twice) and leader-shi , on the couch watching the frighteningly still man, then…

Warning: My First attempt at fan fiction, if you wanna read the rest follow the link, comment, and tell me if i should continue fan fictions and if their is anything I should consider writing about.